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A luxurious spa is available in the neighbouring  Hotel Doldenhorn, just across the road (200m).

Spa is the moern word for a health resort. The discussion whether SPA comes from the Belgian Bathing Resort “Spa” or from the phrase Sanitas Per Aquam  (health through water) we will leave to others to determine.

We try to offer everything which helps the bodies and spirits of our guests to regenerate and which contributes to their wellbeing.

That’s why we built the Doldenhorn Spa. It was built according to the most modern ecological guidelines. Our own spring and a modern heat pump  produces all the energy required.

We offer our meticulously planned Spa-Packages for stays of 2 nights or more for guests of the Hotel Doldenhorn and the Ruedihus Country Inn. It’s ideal if you can book your Spa-Package when you book your room. Then we can set up a treatment plan for you which gives the most benefits for your health and relaxation.

For more detailed information just click here.

You will receive your personal treatment plan when you check in at reception.

Programs, applications and prices are in our Wellness and Cosmetic Offers 2013

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You can download a PDF data-set with all the information.