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The soothing effect of a massage works on much more than the part of the body receiving the massage. The whole body and psyche are positively stimulated through the stimulation of the massage. The Doldenhorn-Spa Wellness-Program offers a variety of different massages to meet your every need.

They range from classical massage which relaxes and makes all muscle groups more limber, as well as increasing the circulation and metabolism to relaation massages, aroma oil massages and sport and brushing massages. A real highlight is the hot stone massage.

 Our soothing massages for head and feet make stress melt away. The expert treatment of the reflex zones on the head and feet sooth and calm not only the treated head and feet but also the whole body Manual lymph drainage which releases fluid from the lymph glands also stimulates the flow of fluid in the lymph glands and imporves the metabolic process in connective tissue: an ideal massage after an operation, accident or nervous breakdowns.

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