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On November  1st 1976 we were young and full of energy and bought the small Pension Doldenhorn.
Thanks to you, our guests, we have beenr able to renovate, extend and develop our offerings.

Guiding Pricinples

We strive to attain the highest possible quality in all our endeavours.  In the kitchen we aim to have the best possible raw materials and the freshest available. The performance of the kitchen and the cellars must be over average since they are the kernel of our enterprise. Our guests should receive expert, friendly and personal service so that they fell exceptionally comfortable.

We wish to achieve these aims with honesty, ethical materials and methods which abide by our laws.
Long term, acceptable financial conditions are more important than short term profit optimization.

Our personnel are our strength. It is our most important management task to lead them so that they understand and work towards our aims. We take especial care of the environment.